Shareit Kcweb Software for PC in Windows/MAC/Linux/Ubuntu Free Download

Installation Procedure for Shareit Kcweb Software for PC Free Download (Shareit for PC using KCweb Application in Windows/MAC/Ubuntu PC)….
SHAREit KCweb is a special application technology which can be generally used to transfer all types of files between two devices. The program doesn’t attract any charges;it’s well-matched with windows, Android, Lenovo, iOS among many other types of well-established platforms which are well known in working faster and smoothly. The application is available in 39 different languages and it works by means of sharing files over the local networks.

What technology does SHAREit use? At times you may wonder which technology is used by the Shareit but you need not to worry since the software uses the concept of Wi-Fi director Wi-Fi hotspot to enable the transfer of the files between your devices. Other applications that use WIFI direct and WIFI hotspot are Xender, file transfer, share and SHAREit. This whole process requires no data connection since it uses the max speed of your Wi-Fi.

What does shareit app do? In case you need to transfer your files, photos, music, videos other all other files Shareit app is here to save you from the dilemma of how to send. The application allows the windows phone, Android, and the iOS devices to transfer the files directly. The Shareit KCweb .exe software is very efficient and works very well.

How does Shareit app work? The process is very simple. Since the Shareit app uses Wi-Fi which is usually faster than the Bluetooth. When you need to send the document, all required from you is to make an invisible mobile Hotspot, this means you create another a Wi-Fi for another device to use whereby the recipient will connect to the invisible hotspot from the other. This will allow the sender to send the files directly to the receiver.

How does Shareit work without Wi-Fi? You may be wondering how this application will work without any connection of the Wi-Fi. This is how it works:

The application will use your phones Wi-Fi and the Hotspot. This happens when the receiver turns the hotspot on automatically the senders Wi-Fi is turned on even if one does have any connection with data it will work. This works like downloading through the Wi-Fi without the internet which works automatically even if your phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi functionality. It will eventually work.

Why Lenovo Shareit software faster than the Bluetooth? The technology have proved the statement very correct since the app uses a maximum bandwidth and it is able to send the files at a speed of about 8 Mbs/s . This affirms that it’s faster than the Bluetooth. The Shareit app uses the Wi-Fi direct and this permits two devices communicate over waif at the same time peer to peer. At this point one device acts as a Wi-Fi provider.

Who created the Shareit app? You may be wondering who created this amazing app and its origin. The app was established by Lenovo and was for the first time launched in china. The amazing app was industrialized in house by Lenovo. The main purpose was to create a competitor who was to compete with another app called Xender that was initially providing the same services of sharing and using the same technology. The introduction of Shareit app was a great idea since it has brought competition with Xender and has helped to bring and acquire that market place for both. Competition brings growth and the services improve leading both competitors to upping their game to provide efficacy in their services and maintain their clients. Lenovo have managed to bring the app to windows phone, iOS, pc and even windows making it very popular and leading in the market.

shareit kcweb

Shareit kcweb software

How do you install Shareit Kcweb in PC?

You are searching and looking for a faster way to send and transfer your files between your smartphone and the windows pc? You need not to worry again since the Shareit app will sort all your problems in a competent and efficient way. All you need to do is to download & install the Shareit on your PC/Laptop. Shareit app is well compatible, faster and the easiest way one can use to transfer the files between smartphone and the computer.Below are the process and a simple guide on how best you can download and install the Shareit app on your windows PC.

To enable you download the Shareit Kcweb all that you need is to have a working internet connection. Thereafter, you will not require using a USB cable to transfer file between your smart phones and the windows PC. This is because the Shareit app will use Wi-Fi hotspot connection to send and receive files. This way of file transfer will even be faster as compared to the Bluetooth.

The app will enable you transfer apps, audio files, images and video files. Regardless of the type of the file, the Shareit app will transfer 323MB of the files within 71 seconds. This app is available in windows phone, android and also on iPhone.

The following are the few steps to follow while downloading and installing Shareit KCweb Software on Windows PC.

  1. To begin with, you need to download the Shareit Kcweb for Windows PC. Visit the Softonic, at the top right corner you will see buttons, you select and then click on the one indicated download latest version.
  2. After you click, the download process will commence and once completed, trace the file and then double click on it to run the file.
  3. Thereafter, a pop-up indicated or asking do you want to run this file?Will appear, and you will be required to click on the Run to commence the running process.
  4. At this point the Shareit up wizard setup will open up. You need to click on Accept displayed on the first page of the wizard.
  5. By the use of the browse button click Next, select the destination location in the next wizard.
  6. Select the additional tasks from the next page wizard. Choose the checkbox and create a Desktop shortcut. In case you want to create a shortcut for the app you just click next and follow the given guidelines.
  7. At this point the installation will begin. This process might take a while and once the installation is complete, click on Finish.
  8. Now you have the shareit successfully installed on your windows PC .The next step is to configure the shareit. To enable you configure the app you need to follow the below simple steps:

How to Configure Shareit KCweb .exe Software for PC

  • Immediately after a successful installation, the app will automatically launch and displays on the first page the terms and conditions of which you will be required to accept by clicking on Accept.
  • The app window will open and immediately it will begin the search for the nearby devices.
  • On the bottom right corner you will see an arrow of which you need to click on and immediately your personal network password will appear. Ensure you have noted down the password.
  • At this point you can open the Shareit App on your smartphone and you select receive or either send as per your requirement or need.
  • Now click on the connect button to enable you to connect to the PC using the button in the right bottom corner. A pop up will appear, to begin the connection click Go.
  • The app will immediately begin to search for the nearby PC connections and once your PC is available you just tap on it to enable the connections.
  • You will be required to enter the password which you noted earlier on step 3 and then click ok button.
  • Immediately the connection will begin and in completion you will be presented with a screen on where you can be able to send and receive the files.
Shareit Kcweb Software for PC in Windows/MAC/Linux/Ubuntu Free Download
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Shareit for Windows 10 Professional / Enterprise OS [32-Bit / 64-Bit]

Installation Procedure on Shareit for Windows 10 Professional / Enterprise OS [32-Bit / 64-Bit] PC free download….
This is known to be the latest version of the most popular Windows 10 operating system in the whole world. The demand for Shareit in windows 10 rose up due to its popularity.

As we stated earlier the Shareit is known to be the best and most effective app that is used to transfer and share. The application is surrounded with many positive features including allowing a cross platform sharing. This generally means that you can be able to share your files from PC to smartphone and vice versa.

Shareit for pc will always allow sending files from the pc to the smartphone. The software helps in connecting the pc to the smartphone helping and simplifying the sharing of the files between devices. We are discussed how to install Shareit for Windows 8/8.1

For efficacy the installation of the shareit kcweb .exe file on your windows 10 operating system is essential. The Shareit file for the pc is connected to the Shareit app on your smartphone. This will be achieved through the apps QR encoding system. By the use of your smartphone,you will be required to scan the QR code will be exhibited on the personal computer screen.

After scanning the QR code, the smartphone connects to the computer automatically. Then you will be able to transfer the files and all the data you need effectively. This process can be done from both sides successfully.

Shareit for Windows 10 PC

Shareit for Windows 10 OS for 32-bit / 64-bit

What are the benefits of having Shareit for PC in Windows 10 OS?

The transfer of files from one device to another can at times become a complicated process especially when you have very limited time to carry out the task. Dealing with connection of cables is very annoying and time consuming. However, Bluetooth is not the best option too since huge and large files will take centuries to get delivered and be fully transferred. To make you work easier you need to consider downloading the Shareit for windows 10 PC.

This app can be downloaded from the internet and get installed on your PC. By doing this you will be making your work simpler and faster. This requires neither internet connection nor use of cables to function. The most amazing thing to use the Shareit for Windows 10 Professional OS is that it’s faster and convenient.

What are the main features of Shareit for Windows 10 OS PC?

  1. It has the ability to transfer huge files
  2. Works very fast
  3. Saves time and your battery too.
  4. The application uses Wi-Fi but you don’t require any internet connection.
  5. The app has the ability to share files from various formats.
  6. You can transfer files between 5 devices.
  7. Works on android phones, tablets, iPad and iPhone.
  8. The app is free and requires no internet too.

How does Share-it works for windows 10?

The app was launched in china and made available in 39 languages. They include; English, Spanish, Arabic and French. The app is very popular with over 1 billion users countywide. While sharing the files, you need to have both gadgets not far from each other, open the app to connect whereby you have one of the devices creating a Wi-Fi spot and the other device will automatically connect to it. This forms a local internet connection which is like a Wi-Fi direct thus, helping in the transfer of the files.

How to install Shareit in Windows 10 OS

This process of installing the app on your phone is very easy and quiet simple. In case you are using a laptop with windows 10, this will be more the same as the way you use the Shareit on your mobile phone or the tablet.This is because it uses the Wi-Fi hotspot for the file transfer.

However, if you are using windows 10 desktop you will be required to have a Wi-Fi LAN card or the WIFI adopter to enable you transfer files using the Share-it app. Thus, to enable you install the app, you need to follow the simple steps provided below:

  • By using the download link, download the Shareit Kcweb .exe file.
  • Once download is complete, trace the folder where the file was downloaded got stored. Possibly you can trace it on the downloads folder.
  • When you trace it, double click on the exe file. The file is like SHAREit KCWEB .exe.
  • Then you will be provided with different options to choose between.
  • Just follow the steps provided and choose where you would like to install the app.
  • On completion of the steps, the application will be fully and successfully installed on your computer.

How to use shareit for windows 10 to share files?

After a successful installation of the application on your PC, the application is ready for use. You can be able to transfer files from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

What do you require to enable you share files with Shareit for PC in windows 10?

The requirement may sound very simple but it’s very essential. All that you need to do is to confirm that your computer or PC and the smartphone are connected to one and the same wireless network. This helps connection. To facilitate this you will be required to have your router on your pc through which you can create a direct contact point of which your smartphone connects direct too.

Steps of transferring files with Shareit
To begin with you need to have your smartphone connected to you pc. Follow the below steps to connect.

  • First you need to open your Shareit app for pc.
  • Then you click the option that states show QR code.
  • The code will be displayed on the screen.

On completion, you will be required to follow the below steps from your smartphone.

  1. Start with opening the Shareit app from your phone.
  2. You will see three vertical points in the upper left corner and click them.
  3. Several options will be displayed, click on the option that says connect to PC.
  4. Then click on the option that states scan to connect.
  5. Eventually the camera app will open and you will be required to scan the QR code that was previously displayed on your PC.

Immediately you are done with scanning, the phone will automatically connect to the PC and the process of file sharing will eventually commence.

Shareit for Windows 10 Professional / Enterprise OS [32-Bit / 64-Bit]
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Shareit for Windows 8 / Shareit for Windows 8.1 OS Free Download

Installation Procedure on Shareit for Windows 8 / Shareit for Windows 8.1 OS or Shareit for PC in Windows 8 / 8.1 Operating System Free Download….
What is Shareit for windows 8/8.1? The Shareit for Windows 8 or Shareit for PC in Windows 8.1 is a free software that allows you to share files efficiently between two different devices. The application is quick and fast enough to allow you send or receive files to another device in just a press of a button. The application helps you to send and share wallpapers, music, movies and other documents.

The software is compatible and works very well with smartphones, PCs and even laptops. As we have mentioned and stated many times, Share-it is the best app which can only enable you transfer files for Android. The platform supports a huge series of platforms. It can be used in either the laptop or even the Personal Computer with windows. These application works well with Android smartphone among Apples iOS, and old windows phone.

Main Features for Shareit in windows 8/8.1 OS

The app is very good in transferring and sharing the files at a very high speed. This is either through a smart phone and windows 8 computers that exceeds 20 Mbps.

  • The Shareit application is very light.
  • The user interface for the windows 8 is very simple and clean.
  • The experience with the user is very favorable.
  • Shareit app does not display the ads at all. This applies to both windows 8 and 8.1 versions.
  • It’s very easy to get connected to a mobile device since the QR code option is available in both windows 8 and 8.1 version.
  • The device is well compatible and well vast with the majority of devices.

How do you download Shareit for windows 8/8.1 Operating System?

The process is very easy, all that you are required to do is to click directly the provided green button and the installation process will begin.

Shareit for windows 8

Shareit for windows 8 / Shareit for windows 8.1

How to install Shareit for PC in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 OS?

The installation process is not major difference from the installation on the other devices or other versions of the windows operating system. The process of installation is practically the same.

Let’s begin the installation process below:

  • Before you begin the installation process, confirm if your windows operating system is 32 or 64-bit.
  • Then you download the shareit application from the given download link.
  • Once the downloading process of the file is completed, proceed to installation process.
  • Trace the downloaded file and double click on the exe file and something like KCWEB.exe will appear.
  • The file will open and you will eventually see the installation instructions.
  • Follow the given instructions until you complete the installation process to the end.
  • Lastly, click the finish button after the process has been completed fully.

How do we use Shareit on Windows 8/8.1 OS?

The use of shareit on windows 8 and windows 8.1 is very simple. All you will be required to do is to follow the simple given instructions and they will eventually lead you to success. The simple steps will help you connect your computer or PC to your smartphone via the application.

  • Begin by opening the Shareit app on your windows PC
  • Trace the option that says, show QR code.
  • Then you click on the option and Shareit QR code will be displayed immediately.
  • The next step is to open shareit on your smart phone and you will also be able to see a QR code option which will be available when connecting to your computer or the PC.
  • Using your smartphone you scan the QR code
  • Immediately you finish scanning the two devices will eventually connect automatically. This will enable you share and transfer the files at your comfort.

What are the kinds of files that Shareit for Windows PC work with?

The Shareit for PC is compatible and works with all kinds of files. This includes even the videos that you take from your mobile phones, tablet and even cameras also the ones that you might have downloaded from the internet. The application is very efficient since it can be used to share the downloaded photos, created or even the ones acquired from other devices.

It can be used to transfer documents that are created in other formats. More so, the shareit application for pc can be used to transfer multimedia messages, videos, messages, applications, and music and video files among others including the other items that are in external storage device and are already connected to your personal computer.
What are the common files format that Shareit for PC works with? The application uses the following file format: PDF, MP3, MKV, JPEG, BMP, FLV, MOV, MP4, DIVX, OGG, PNG, OGV, GIF. The vector image formats includes: CGM and SVG.

The major concern for the Lenovo Shareit for Windows 8/8.1

Bearing in mind this is a multi-platform program, you need to be keen and very observant to the simple matters that would cause and lead to problems. Such issues could be related to the connections on various devices. The Shareit doesn’t not connect to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth thus it has to identify its connection with another machine. The machine identifies a hotspot of the other machine or the device to connect.

Some applications will use Wi-fi hotspot so you need to be observant and keen enough to study your device to avoid the dilemma and the confusion. The transfer of photos using Shareit for Windows 8/8.1 PC is very fast than the other files. At times videos register irregular transfer speed and sometimes the transfer might appear frozen.

Does it have any limit on the extent of a file that you need to share?
The application is very effective and can share any files or folders of any size to whatever device you want efficiently. However those files which has large content will require much longer time to send while the smaller files will consume shorter time. So you will be required to apply patience for efficient results.

Shareit for Windows 8 / Shareit for Windows 8.1 OS Free Download
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SHAREit for MAC OS Free Download Latest Version Installation Procedure

Free Download SHAREit for MAC Operating System Latest Version Software Installation Procedure and How to transfer Files from MAC PC to Smartphone…
What do you mean by Shareit for mac? This is a free application that gives you an opportunity and allows you to send your videos, photos, documents, folders and music in a better and more effective way. This application also transfers gigabytes of files from mac to mac in minutes without the use of cables, network charges or any USB drives. In case you want to send all your photos, videos and even music from your tablet or the phone to your mac or from your mac to your phone or even your tablet, it is very easy to do so and faster using the Shareit for Mac software.

Shareit for MAC helps you to transfer huge and large files and videos within the shortest time and faster than the Bluetooth. The wireless devices with Shareit can eventually find each other when in range. The application is very safe since it allows sharing of the files with added security and privacy. The files are not saved in the cloud but they are saved directly on your devices. This enhances safety and privacy required. The app also transfers your files between all the windows, Android, IPhone and even Ipad devices.

Shareit for MAC Overview

This app can easily be downloaded and installed to your imac or MacBook computer. This will enable you get connected to different devices and at the same time enable you transfer files over a wireless LAN connection. Once you download installed the file on your computer, you can begin to use and transfer and receive the files immediately.

Shareit for MAC

Shareit for MAC Operating System

Shareit has one great and major advantage that the application can connect to any device from any platform.
The best and main features found in the Shareit in MAC OS.

Shareit for Mac is known to be the best file transfer app for macOS. Let’s look at some of the Shareit features highlighted below that leads to it being marked as the best app in file transfer.

  1. High Transfer Rates
    This app will allow you to send or receive files at a very fast speed. The speed of more than 20Mbps is very good. The high speed eventually enables you to send or receive large data within a given shortest time given.
  2. Multi-Platform System
    This enables the Shareit for MAC book work more efficiently to any platform. It’s an added advantage as compared to others since it connects to any type of device very well.
  3. Multi-formats
    The app has a multi-format that supports all the file formats which helps and enables the transfer of files to different devices.
  4. No network restriction
    For you to send files, you need not to be connected to any internet.
  5. Back up photos from phone to Mac
    Do you need to save the storage on your mobile phone? Yes it very important to do so by simply backing up your photos to your mac using the Shareit with just one tap. Once you backup your photos, you will always be assured of their safety and hence not worry in case you need to delete some items from your phone to create more space and storage. The already saved items on the mac app will never be deleted. The backing up of the photos enables you to create more space from your phone to add more pictures.
  6. Remote View
    The remote view is a tool used to view and quickly help to search mac files and the folders that are already saved in your phone. By the use of remote view, you will be able to view and find the document faster on your phone, display it, play it and even share it directly from your phone to another recipient.
  7. Power Point Control
    While you need to do a power point presentation, you don’t need to use a mouse or neither a separate clicker to conduct the presentation. However, having installed Shareit on your mobile phone will make your work easier for you will simply control your power point slides on a mac or the projector from your phone and the comfort of your zone. This technology will not leave you tied at one point, while presenting you have an opportunity to walk around the classroom or the conference room and have a chance to interact with your audience.
  8. Play To
    This helps to showcase content from your phone to your Mac. This is great for gatherings, family and friend events. It’s also good for business environment.
  9. Phone to Phone
    This helps you to connect to the send files back and forth. This applies when you push the send button then you pick the content you want to send, choose the receiver and click on send. This will automatically connect you to the send files back and forth.
  10. Mac to Mac
    This feature is great for Shareit for mac to mac transfers. It is very easy to operate, simply choose your colleague or friend and eventually start the transferring process of the content you want back and forth between the devices.

How do you install Shareit for MAC book?

The process is very simple, after downloading the Shareit in MAC, the next process is the installation which is done by the following steps:

  • Begin by finding the download on your computer.
  • Then you double click on the said installation file.
  • You will be required to accept all the given permits and conditions.
  • Click on install button
  • Wait for the installation process to run.
  • On completion, we can now use Shareit on mac.

How do you Transfer Files with Shareit in mac?

The assignment is very simple. In order achieve the file transfer with Shareit for mac just follow the given simple steps.

  1. Open the already installed shareit app.
  2. Trace the show QR code option and click on it.
  3. On the QR code, click the option that reads scan the QR codeon your phone.
  4. Using your smart phone camera, scan the QR code.
  5. By scanning, both devices will be connected and thus you will be able to send the files between devices.

Note: For both devices to connect, they will be required to be connected to the same wireless router or same wireless network.

SHAREit for MAC OS Free Download Latest Version Installation Procedure
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Shareit for Windows 7 Download for PC either 32 Bit or 64 Bit

How to Install Shareit for Windows 7 for PC [32 Bit or 64 Bit] and How to Download Shareit for PC in Windows 7 OS (Operating System)……
To any person who want to transfer files, videos, music from any device and Shareit for Windows 7 Operating system Mac OS, Android iOs, or windows. Without any doubt, I will recommend them to use Shareit application. The app is very efficient and friendly too. Majority who use Shareit app regularly knows and can confirm them great work that is have been done by the developers with this app.

For all are aware that windows come in different versions whereby in each of them you will find a difference to the changes with respect to other versions. Most people have installed in their computers windows 8, windows 7 and others windows 10. Therefore Shareit have taken care of all windows by having the shareit application for all.

What is Windows 7? You may be wondering what it means with Windows 7 and what makes it more different from others like windows 8 and windows 10. It is a personal computer which is an operating system like any other and it was produced by Microsoft as part of the family of an operating system. The window has very good features and new, it’s known to be the best and majority prefers to use it beside others. This is due to its increased performance.

Windows 7 is well compatible to shareit application and boosts its performance. This is especially when you need to send and receive videos, music, files and other related documents. The window 7 can connect well to mobile smart phone, tablets and other related devices for communication.The window has quite advanced features that are advances in touch and handwriting too. It has 13 additional sound schemes making raise the demand. The windows 7 works so well with the shareit app. it’s advisable to all using windows7, they download and install the shareit application on their computer. This will boost their communication and will make the work easier.

On this article we are going to discuss more on the Shareit for windows 7, how to download, how it operates and the advantages of using Shareit for windows 7 ultimate OS.

Shareit for windows 7 OS

Shareit for Windows 7 (32 / 64 bit)

How to download Shareit for Windows 7?

The Shareit version which is there currently is and is well compatible to the other version of windows such as Windows 8 OS, Windows 8.1 OS or Windows 10 OS (Operating System). Download Shareit for PC in Windows 7 OS at

Following the Shareit link, download the shareit for windows 7 operating system. The systems are for both 32-bit and the 64-bit. After the download the next process you are required to do is the installation. You will be required to follow the below steps to install the app.

Instructions on How to install Shareit for Windows 7 ultimate OS (Operating System)

For installation of the application, kindly follow the below steps carefully:

  • Before installation, you need to confirm the version of your computer, whether it has 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Then download Shareit for Windows 7 OS.
  • Visit you default file folder and locate the file you just downloaded.
  • After you locate the file, double click the file.exe, or shareit KCWEB.exe.
  • Follow the instructions provided until you finish the installation.
shareit for windows 7

Shareit for PC in Windows 7 OS

Learn More About Shareit
Read below some interesting facts about Shareit Application to help you learn more about the application.

  • The app is known to be the fastest in file transfers for android or the windows phone.
  • In the Google play store, the app is known to be the most downloadable without many complications.
  • In every month, more than 1.2 million people worldwide are registered and know to search for shareit app every day.
  • Most of devices whether smartphones, PC’s or tablets use these application.
  • Google play have recorded over 600 million downloads.

Advantages / Features of Shareit for PC in Windows 7

Listed below are the advantages and the best features of Shareit Application. This will help you to understand the potentiality of this application.

Transfer Rates
As we stated earlier, Shareit is known to be the fastest file transfer app for the Android. The App is 200 faster than the Bluetooth. This will enable you send any type of file with a speed of up to 20Mbps.

Device Availability
The Shareit for PC Kcweb software enables you to share the files from one device to another even if they are on diverse platform. This is one of the major advantage of this app. The Shareit app will work on windows PC, Apple Mac computers, Android mobile devices and iOS windows phone smartphones.

Cross Platform Sharing
One of the major advantage of this app is that you don’t require to have the same device to be able to transfer and share files between devices. The application is well compatible to all devices. All that is required from your end is simply to download and install the app on the device with the operating system that you are using. Then you connect both devices and begin to share. This will work efficiently and faster.

Shareit for Windows 7 Download for PC either 32 Bit or 64 Bit
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SHAREit for Laptop [Windows 7/8/8.1/10] Free Download

Procedure for How to download Shareit in Laptop and How to install SHAREit for Laptop in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Operating System…..
Laptop is well compatible to other devices and can also download other applications such as Shareit. The Shareit for Laptop software / application was launched by Lenovo and it’s well vast in sending and receives data from all multimedia devices. They include cellphones, laptops computers, iOS tablet and windows.

The Shareit software for Laptop has a PC version which enables you to share movies, songs among other data easily and more efficiently. This can be done from your PC to your cellphone or other devices.

Does the Shareit app work on a laptop? Yes the application works so well, the app is available on windows store and it is very stable as compared to other version which is available on the website. One is able to send and receive files without any issue. However, the app will work better if it’s downloaded from the store. In case you need to install Android apps on laptop, you will be required to use laptop emulator or Blue stacks since they cannot be installed directly.

How does Shareit for Laptop works?

Well, shareit applications will obvious work over the Wi-Fi direct feature. The feature is well known to work faster than the Bluetooth. In this case, the sender will be required to make an invisible Hotspot which will create a Wi-Fi for the device for use.

The receiver will therefore connect to the invisible Hotspot from the other end. After both have connected, the sender will then send the file to the receiver and vice versa.

shareit for laptop

Shareit Application for laptop

What is the range of shareit for laptop? All the devices with shareit installed are able to see each other and are discoverable at a close range of 100feet. For you to be able to send a file, you just need to select your device as the sender then you drag and drop or else you browse the files to enable you send them.

Ways to download Shareit in Laptop / Computer

Downloading and installation of shareit to your laptop computer is very essential. The process is very simple and conventional. The application can be downloaded and installed just like a common windows program without creation of shareit for PC. However, there is a list of several activities that you will be required to take before you download

Shareit For Laptop

Read below the activities required before the installation of Shareit for laptop.


  • Move to the primary website of the application, that is
  • Then you click on the free download. At the top of the web page, install as well as you mount.
  • Click download for windows to enable you attain the .exe information download.
  • When the download is completed, you open up the documents on the download location. This will be done along with accept the Lenovo licensing web link arrangement.
  • On completion the application will begin to mount using the wizard. You will be required to stick to the actions as recommended.
  • The process of getting Shareit for notebook computer consumes a lot of time all the same it does get you ether of advantages.

Downloading the Shareit for Laptop is more less the same as for the other computers. The technology has come to do great and people are happy since they are able to send and transfer file, data, videos, music among other files in a more reliable and effective way. One is assured of safety and the application is not time consuming as compared to Bluetooth. The application wins better and beat the xender.

You need to learn more on how to install the Shareit app for laptop, and then you are in the right place. I welcome you to read on to know the method.

Steps to install the app on Shareit for Laptop

  • Begin to download the Share-it software installer file i.e Shareit KCweb .exe file.
  • Once it’s complete, you begin the installation process using the installing the software file from your windows PC. To enable you commence, you need to tap twice on the downloaded file.
  • Right click on the Shareit exe file. Choose the “Run as Administrator” option. then click on the run option and follow the given instructions which will be displayed on your laptop screen.
  • Once the installation is completed, open it whenever you notice a simple UI like.
  • Two options will be displayed i.e. SEND and RECEIVE. Don’t select any but instead click on the option that reads Connect Android device. This option will appear below the screen on the right hand side.
  • At this point you will have to open the Shareit app on your android device. You will be expected to select the Connect PC option.
  • On doing that you will notice PC network available on your screen and automatically you a select your laptop.
  • The file sharing app will automatically sense the connection between your windows PC and the Android handset. They will connect and the file sharing will begin thus making it easier.

The final words
Unlike the old methods like Bluetooth or other wireless methods of file sharing, shareit has emerged to be the best and outdone the others due to its amazing features which are so satisfying to the customer. They have a lot to offer to the customers. Feel free to download the shareit application and become part of the millions who are enjoying the new technology. Try this application on your note book computer too, its very effective.

SHAREit for Laptop [Windows 7/8/8.1/10] Free Download
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