SHAREit for Laptop [Windows 7/8/8.1/10] Free Download

Procedure for How to download Shareit in Laptop and How to install SHAREit for Laptop in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Operating System…..
Laptop is well compatible to other devices and can also download other applications such as Shareit. The Shareit for Laptop software / application was launched by Lenovo and it’s well vast in sending and receives data from all multimedia devices. They include cellphones, laptops computers, iOS tablet and windows.

The Shareit software for Laptop has a PC version which enables you to share movies, songs among other data easily and more efficiently. This can be done from your PC to your cellphone or other devices.

Does the Shareit app work on a laptop? Yes the application works so well, the app is available on windows store and it is very stable as compared to other version which is available on the website. One is able to send and receive files without any issue. However, the app will work better if it’s downloaded from the store. In case you need to install Android apps on laptop, you will be required to use laptop emulator or Blue stacks since they cannot be installed directly.

How does Shareit for Laptop works?

Well, shareit applications will obvious work over the Wi-Fi direct feature. The feature is well known to work faster than the Bluetooth. In this case, the sender will be required to make an invisible Hotspot which will create a Wi-Fi for the device for use.

The receiver will therefore connect to the invisible Hotspot from the other end. After both have connected, the sender will then send the file to the receiver and vice versa.

shareit for laptop

Shareit Application for laptop

What is the range of shareit for laptop? All the devices with shareit installed are able to see each other and are discoverable at a close range of 100feet. For you to be able to send a file, you just need to select your device as the sender then you drag and drop or else you browse the files to enable you send them.

Ways to download Shareit in Laptop / Computer

Downloading and installation of shareit to your laptop computer is very essential. The process is very simple and conventional. The application can be downloaded and installed just like a common windows program without creation of shareit for PC. However, there is a list of several activities that you will be required to take before you download

Shareit For Laptop

Read below the activities required before the installation of Shareit for laptop.


  • Move to the primary website of the application, that is
  • Then you click on the free download. At the top of the web page, install as well as you mount.
  • Click download for windows to enable you attain the .exe information download.
  • When the download is completed, you open up the documents on the download location. This will be done along with accept the Lenovo licensing web link arrangement.
  • On completion the application will begin to mount using the wizard. You will be required to stick to the actions as recommended.
  • The process of getting Shareit for notebook computer consumes a lot of time all the same it does get you ether of advantages.

Downloading the Shareit for Laptop is more less the same as for the other computers. The technology has come to do great and people are happy since they are able to send and transfer file, data, videos, music among other files in a more reliable and effective way. One is assured of safety and the application is not time consuming as compared to Bluetooth. The application wins better and beat the xender.

You need to learn more on how to install the Shareit app for laptop, and then you are in the right place. I welcome you to read on to know the method.

Steps to install the app on Shareit for Laptop

  • Begin to download the Share-it software installer file i.e Shareit KCweb .exe file.
  • Once it’s complete, you begin the installation process using the installing the software file from your windows PC. To enable you commence, you need to tap twice on the downloaded file.
  • Right click on the Shareit exe file. Choose the “Run as Administrator” option. then click on the run option and follow the given instructions which will be displayed on your laptop screen.
  • Once the installation is completed, open it whenever you notice a simple UI like.
  • Two options will be displayed i.e. SEND and RECEIVE. Don’t select any but instead click on the option that reads Connect Android device. This option will appear below the screen on the right hand side.
  • At this point you will have to open the Shareit app on your android device. You will be expected to select the Connect PC option.
  • On doing that you will notice PC network available on your screen and automatically you a select your laptop.
  • The file sharing app will automatically sense the connection between your windows PC and the Android handset. They will connect and the file sharing will begin thus making it easier.

The final words
Unlike the old methods like Bluetooth or other wireless methods of file sharing, shareit has emerged to be the best and outdone the others due to its amazing features which are so satisfying to the customer. They have a lot to offer to the customers. Feel free to download the shareit application and become part of the millions who are enjoying the new technology. Try this application on your note book computer too, its very effective.

SHAREit for Laptop [Windows 7/8/8.1/10] Free Download
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